Global Junior Challenge con due sessioni riservate a docenti e dirigenti scolastici.

9ª edizione con premio Tullio De Mauro alla scuola che innova e include

After the Global Junior Challenge 2017, testing begins in schools.

#MLSEurope: interviews with Valeria Cagnina and Vincenzo Polizzi on the press.

Official video Global Junior Challenge 2017

Global Junior Challenge 2017: Awards Ceremony in the Aula Giulio Cesare.

The first two days at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym and “Biblioteche di Roma”.

A school administrator, a teacher and a student describe their idea of school.

The three days of the final event in real-time with hashtag #GJC2017.

"Make: Learn: Share: Europe" Hackathon at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym.