Navigation strategies are used in didactics. The schools of Liguria (Italy) experiment with cooperative learning.

Mathematics is the subject that poses greatest difficulties to Italian students.

This educational project participated in the Global Junior Challenge's Thematic Weeks.

The social hangouts on the web are also a favourite amongst students and teachers.

Not only clothing in Kenya, students design the future!

The GJC provides us with the experience of schools in Burundi where the virtual book represents the only opportunity to study.

Two projects that won the Global Junior Challenge 2007 have reached the final selection stages in the Education category.

At the Global Junior Challenge, the Maths to Play Project received the Special President of the Republic Award; now, it is a finalist at the Stockholm Challenge Award.

The A Robot to Study "“ A Robot to Play Project receives further recognition.

"Living in Europe" has been awarded the Special President of the Republic Prize, but the work continues