Math Explorations

Tipologia dell'ente/Kind of organization: 
State school
Nome dell'ente che lo ha realizzato/Organization-institute presenting the project: 
School No.1 Brasov, Romania
Paese/ Country: 
Descrizione del progetto/Describe the project : 
Math is not one of the most preferable subjects in schools, however, those who are really passionate about it are able to do great things. This project is meant to change to meaning of math as a subject taught in schools and to make others to like it and why not to love it. Through this project we will motivate students to aknowledge that math is a part of their daily life and all of us are surrounded by its beauty. More than that, during this project we will explore different aspects and topics about mathematics that are integrated in the curriculum: Safer Internet Day, Celebrating Pi Day, Pi number using Animation activity, Facts and curiosities about Pi number, Comic stories with Pi number, Math in traditional recipes, STEM Discovery Campaign, Maths in Art and Art with Maths, Maths in nature, Symmetry, Maths in sports and dances. To Login to the project's TwinSpace you must use: Username: math.visitor Password: etwinning2021
Link al video di presentazione/Link to the presentation video:
Categoria del progetto/Project category : 
Educazione fino ai 15 anni/Up to 15 years
Uso delle tecnologie / Use of technologies: 
In this project we used Geogebra, Sway, Wakelet, Vimeo, Youtube, Padlet, Mentimeter but also meetings of teachers and students in video conferences to communicate about the activities in the project, but also to interact with each other. The teachers communicated on whatsapp, facebook, the project blog, zoom and kept in touch with the students.
Indicare gli elementi di innovazione del progetto / What are the innovative aspects of the project?: 
14 teachers and over 100 students were involved in this project. I believe that the innovative aspect of the project is the fact that each mathematics teacher shared his experience with others so that the students benefited from the understanding of mathematical concepts and their applicability.
Con quanti utenti interagisce il progetto?/How many users does the project interact with? : 
14 teachers from 6 countries collaborated in this project: Romania, Serbia, Turkey, the Republic of Moldova, Armenia and Jordan and over 100 students have accounts on Twin space, but many more students were involved.
Di quali mezzi o canali si avvale il progetto?/Which media or channels does the project use?: 
The project uses Twinspace, blog, as well as social networks: whatsapp, facebook, zoom. The project was also present at the International Conference: The ESA Teach with Space on July 6-8, 2021 where we presented the activity: Launching rockets on the STEM Discovery Campaign page.
Il progetto è già stato replicato? /Has the project already been replicated? : 
No, it has not already been reproduced, but the project may be accessed and applied by other schools / countries.
Quali sono le aspettative future?/What are future expectations?: 
Next school year I hope to continue this project with other activities in which mathematics can be successfully integrated so as to attract both girls and boys to the scientific field.
Durata progetto/project duration: 
6 months between January and June 2021
Risultati ottenuti/Results: 
The results of the project are amazing because many students were actively involved and achieved interesting things. For example, in the activity with Mathematics in recipes, each country involved in the project presented traditional recipes in which notions of mathematics intervened, then we formulated questions for students from other countries. In an online video conference, the students presented the solutions to the questions received. The activity was very appreciated by all participants. Thus, the mathematics was easier for everyone to understand, so the project achieved its objectives.
Cognome del coordinatore del progetto/project coordinator surname : 
Nome del coordinatore del progetto/project coordinator name : 
Il Progetto ha contribuito ad affrontare la pandemia da Covid-19? / Has the project helped facing the emergency of Covid-19? : 
Yes, the project took place exclusively online and dealt with the Covid-19 situation. The teachers communicated through a group on whatsapp, but also on the project's TwinSpace and established the new activities, then in class they carried out the activities with the students and posted / presented the results both in videoconferences and on the project website.