Wording at the Global Junior Challenge

Una slide del software Parolando
How does one resolve the many difficulties involved in learning the Italian language in a noisy class full of students with linguistic problems, foreign students and a student with disabilities, when there are no support teachers? Thanks to an excellent relationship with the public logopaedician, Paola Mancuso, a teacher at the Scuola dell’Infanzia Statale A. Garbarino in Genoa, designed an efficient and simple didactic software tool that children can use on their own as if it were a game.
This is how Parolando (literally “wording”) was designed in Power Point. The main objective of the application is to improve the verbal abilities and pronounciation of students, helping them to correctly pronounce phonemes, sounds and words. The exercises are games that develop and consolidate linguistic, intellectual, visual, hearing and manual coordination activities. Thus, children acquire security in expressing themselves. Starting in October, Parolando will also be available in the local public health structure.
Project Parolando will take part in the fifth edition of the Global Junior Challenge in the “up to 10” category.