Speaking Paintings

How is a school project born? The idea for Majo's Portrait Gallery, a project that will participate in the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge, was conceived after a trip to London with Giovanna Tanzillo, Professor of English Language and Culture at the Liceo Majorana in Latina.

In London, the teacher personally experimented with the use of technology applied to art: thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, one could listen to statues through their smartphone.

The "Talking Statues" Project is underway in London and other European cities. “Why not develop one with my class, too?” thought the professor.

Back in Rome, she immediately set to work with her class - year three students on an Applied Sciences Programme – involving her colleagues: Marcello Trabucco (Sketching and Art History) and Maria Rosaria Giuliano (Computer Science).

And that’s how Majo's Portrait Gallery was conceived. It’s a gallery of paintings that employ NFC tags. Each page contains an image created by students and the audio description file. The specific objective of the project was to integrate three subjects (computer science, art and English) and create a modern art gallery with Webquest.

"Majo's portrait Gallery" is a project in progress and will continue to be updated throughout the three-year programme.


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