Education as a Resource

The 100,000-year-old remains of Homo sapiens have also been found in Zambia … but, today, in a country twice the size of Italy, life conditions are very difficult. The life expectancy of Zambians is just over 40 as opposed to 80 in Italy. The index of human development is amongst the lowest, mortality is high and government investments in health and education are insufficient.
In this context, NGO ProjectEducate has decided to invest in youth and education. Their strategic tool will be digital media, an instrument that can and will become a launching pad for the development of the entire community. The various activities managed by the NGO are described on their website ( on which multimedia material ranging from articles to podcasts are uploaded. This means that the website is also a platform for exchange and participation for all the youth who participate in the project as well as for many other interlocutors.
Here is the video advertisement designed for the anti-malaria campaign by the Imwiko Primary School in Mongu.
The Global Youth Media Project will take part in the Global Junior Challenge in the “up to 18” category.