Digital Rose Petals

Professor Stefania Altieri from the Istituto comprensivo Ponte sul Marecchia (Rimini) will participate in the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge with Digital Rose Petals, a project related to the national Rosa Digitale Movement for Equal Opportunities in technology and IT.


The project, which was developed on the e-twinning platform, aims to fight stereotypes and overcome gender inequality by raising awareness on women’s rights.


Various schools participated in the project, sharing their work and objectives. Throughout the project, which lasted a couple of months, partners used various technological tools to share documents, Excel files for coding and design blueprints. Scratch coding sessions were held to create algorithms and remix, while padlet and cloud was used to document project activities. Videos were produced with Magisto, Animoto, Youtube, Vimeo, Video Show, Quik-Pro, Movie Maker, Kizoa eand Superflix. Storytelling on the twinspace of e-twinning were shared via Adobe Spark, PBS Learning Media and Tackk.


The project is on the websites of all participating schools.