An App for Burgio

Monumenta, the project that promotes teh artistic value of small towns, will participate in the Global Junior Challenge in the "Education up to 29 Years” Category. 


The application, presented by the Municipality of Burgio (Agrigento), was conceived to promote the natural, cultural and artistic heritage of the town in the Province of Agrigento and, in general, to call greater attention to less-known areas. 


The application uses augmented reality to invite tourists to find the monuments and panoramas in the town through geo-localization. Every point that is indicated on the map is associated with explanations and further information that allows users to immerge themselves into the history of the town and community.


Indeed, one of the primary objectives of the project is the free promotion of culture and knowledge. The project was developed by Vincenzo Polizzi, a twenty-year-old Digital Ambassador for Project Make: Learn: Share: Europe (implemented as part of the Erasmus Plus Programme - Forward Looking Cooperation Projects Action).