Kendin Yap Movement

Tipologia dell'ente/Kind of organization: 
Public Organizastion
Nome dell'ente che lo ha realizzato/Organization-institute presenting the project: 
Zafer Development Agency
TR33 Region
Paese/ Country: 
Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa, Uşak
Descrizione del progetto/Describe the project : 
The Kendin Yap Movement was initiated by the Zafer Development Agency to improve the algorithmic thinking, robotic coding, design, productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship capacities of children aged 6-14 in the TR33 Region, which includes Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak provinces. The Agency launched a training and digital transformation program to be implemented systematically with the participation of relevant stakeholders from public, university, private sector and non-governmental organizations at national / local level. The New Generation Financial Support Program for Education (YENEP) refers to a 10 million TL budget fund prepared by our Agency for the projects of provincial and district directorates of national education in the TR33 Region for the development and implementation of the “Kendin Yap Movement” concept. Our Agency will provide a grant support of 90 to 600 Thousand TL and at a rate of 90% per project and these projects completed in 15 months and implemented in cooperation with regional actors (university, local government, professional organization and organized industrial zones).
Link al video di presentazione/Link to the presentation video:
Categoria del progetto/Project category : 
Educazione fino ai 15 anni/Up to 15 years
Uso delle tecnologie / Use of technologies: 
Stations: Afyonkarahisar: General robotics coding station, general design station, Aselsan National technology station Kütahya: Mobile application development station, PC software development station, Arçelik mini garage station Manisa: Virtual reality station, mobile application station, Arçelik smart production station, Microsoft artificial intelligence station Uşak: General robotics coding station, Habitat social entrepreneurship station, Insider techno entrepreneurship station Technologies: Education materials (in general): Coding equipment and software, robotics equipment and software, STEM equipment and software, Drone, 3D printer, scanner, VR equipment Digital content (in general): web materials, digital documents, mobile applications
Indicare gli elementi di innovazione del progetto / What are the innovative aspects of the project?: 
The Kendin Yap Movement developed by our Agency with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of National Education was implemented as a pilot project in TR33 Region in 2019-2020 period and it was disseminated on a national scale. Also, The Kendin Yap Movement is supported by leading technology and venture companies and international non-governmental organizations. A Cooperation Protocol for the Development of Design, Innovation and Productivity Capacity of School-Age Youth was signed between our Agency and TR33 Provincial Directorates of National Education on 21 November 2018. The main elements that differentiate YENEP and Kendin Yap Movement from standard maker or coding workshops are; *The provinces / districts where workshops are set up are chosen and built so that they match with industry, agriculture, tourism and other similar sectors, *To create a qualified teams of trainers to be engaged in these workshops, *To create innovative training programs and materials in these workshops and *To prepare a curriculum proposal for the national education system It is aimed to create sector themed stations where sponsors and volunteer mentors are involved, and to name these stations after relevant supporters.
Con quanti utenti interagisce il progetto?/How many users does the project interact with? : 
Project Goals Number of Kendin Yap Workshops to be Established: 40 Number of Teachers to be Trained: 550 Number of Students to be Trained: 2.500
Di quali mezzi o canali si avvale il progetto?/Which media or channels does the project use?: 
A website was created for Kendin Yap Movement. ( After successfully implementation, first thing was to finalize the Quadrennial Communication Strategy. The web-site which was prepared for implementation process covers all the upcoming events such as International Kendin Yap Symposium, and all kinds of seminars, panels and large-scale events. The information are updated regularly. Special leaflets, posters, printed materials and promotion materials will be disseminated throughout the Region. Spot films were prepared for local TV channels and other local media are being informed through press conferences. Furthermore, professional social media accounts on twitter, facebook and instagram will be created and followed up.
Il progetto è già stato replicato? /Has the project already been replicated? : 
On January 31, 2019, Kendin Yap Concept was introduced to Ziya SELÇUK, Minister of National Education, Çetin Ali DÖNMEZ, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, and Mr. Veli OĞUZ, Secretary General of the Agency, and it was decided that Ministries would cooperate in order to develop a nation-wide model.
Quali sono le aspettative future?/What are future expectations?: 
21st century skills go beyond critical thinking and problem solving skills. These important skills include flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, oral and written communication, information literacy, technology literacy, productivity, social skills, leadership, initiative and more. These in-demand skill sets help to develop young minds for future success. Within the project, students aged between 6-14 benefiting from Kendin Yap Stations established until 2025 is 40.000 man x hour per year. In the long term, it is expected to now addres the fact that low-income kids are commited to be found in STEM by providing extra education, better resources, and more financial aid on a national scale.
Durata progetto/project duration: 
Projects are expected to last for 15 months (until
Risultati ottenuti/Results: 
1) Within the scope of "equal opportunity in education", which is an important principle of the Turkish education system, free access to innovative education technologies was provided to students with socioeconomically disadvantaged. 2) Developed a collaborative work culture between public, university, private sector and non-governmental organizations. 3) 42 main and 133 sub-workshops were established in Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak provinces with a support of 9,997,379 TL and a total budget of 11,634,993 TL. 4) The total number of sub-stations in the region increased to 157. 5) The estimated number of students per station has been reduced from 13,274 to 2,029. 6) A total of 59,088 man x hours of training was given to 1,385 teachers under 107 topics. 7) As a first big event of YENEP and Kendin Yap, the 16th Season FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Afyonkarahisar Tournaments were held with the City Shaper theme (Shape the City) at Afyon Kocatepe University Atatürk Congress Center on March 7 - 8, 2020 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and our Agency. 8) During the pandemic, 7,321 students benefited from the stations.
Cognome del coordinatore del progetto/project coordinator surname : 
Nome del coordinatore del progetto/project coordinator name : 
Il Progetto ha contribuito ad affrontare la pandemia da Covid-19? / Has the project helped facing the emergency of Covid-19? : 
During the COVID 19 pandemic when there were disruptions in primary education, trainings have been continued in Kendin Yap stations by paying attention to hygiene rules. Thus, it was ensured that children remained in the education process. In addition, by using innovative education models, students improved their algorithmic thinking, robotic coding, design, productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship capacities. During the pandemic, 7,321 students benefited from the stations.