A Social Spin-off


GEO-K S.r.l. was created in April 2006 as the first spin-off at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.” Its mission is to research and develop added value services and products for image elaboration and monitoring.


Geo-K, which was also present in the showcase area at Rome Cup 2017, will participate for the first time in the eighth edition of the Global Junior Challenge with two projects: Stormtrek and Login Earth.


The aim of StormTrack is to provide an efficient tool to prevent and monitor storm fonts that are on the rise due to climactic change. The use of satellite data provides useful information to people in developing countries that have no monitoring tools on land (radars, pluviometres, lightning sensors). In fact, the project was developed to provide everyone with precious satellite data.


The project was conceived in 2014 and developed based on services, a common Internet approach. Recently, the StormTrek App was released for Android and iOS (beta version). The Project Manager is Michele de Rosa.


Login Earth is an app for mobile devices that aims to use geo-information and image processing to make satellite imagery and Earth observation freely accessible to the non-scientific community, including adolescents and anyone interested in geography. Moreover, the app also has a ludic aspect: every recognized image along a journey assigns points to the user.


App development ended in June 2016 and the app is now present on the Goggle marketplace.


In the video: interviews with President Fabio Del Frate and Marketing Manager Barbara Scillamà.