MusicUpNose, a project coordinated by visual artist Andrea Marinelli, will participate in the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge. The project is based on the artists long-standing research on the relationship between digital technology, music, the body and sensory perception.


MusicUpNose is a multi-sensorial experience for children that moulds live electric music and visual arts. It’s an interactive concert that stimulates the perceptions of users and which Andrea uses to compose melodies, creating improvised music based on a common flow of experience.


The project addresses the five senses, multitasking thought, abstract digital sound, multiple intelligences, awareness, listening and sight. To date, it has involved children aged 3-15 through live electronics, guitars and multi-projections.


Participants use paper, colours, objects and cameras. Every performance is different as it is based on the environment in which itvs played and the children.


MusicUpNose keeps you keen, aware and fit … as digital is real!


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