The GJC in Milan

For the first time, the 8th edition of the Global Junior Challenge final event will be a multi-event held in three Italian cities: Milan, Rome and Naples. School labs and workshops will be held in Milan [see full programme].

The labs, which are open to local primary and secondary schools, will address a range of tools, including Kodu, Touch Develop, and Lego WeDo.

Expert coaches will work with young tutors from IIS Falcone Righi in Corsico (Milano), coordinated by Paola Pupilli, who are participating in a school-work programme and developing excellent e-leadership and digital animation skills.

Classroom Tutors:

Kim Angeles Derryl
Danilo Persichella
Marianna Lotti
Nicoleta Stancu Andreea
Chezia Celestino Tabita
Huimin Zhou
Matteo Allegretti
Stefano Bonanno
Stefano Brovelli
Christian Saraceno

High Schools: Touch Develop Lab

Be Professional, Be Social – an interactive educational module by Adecco focusing on digital and social curriculum for work.

Two classes from IIS Bachelet in Abbiategrasso will participate in the morning labs with their Professor Elisabetta Invernizzi.

Primary and Secondary Schools: Coding, Dgital Making and Robotics Labs

Two year-four classes from the Istituto comprensivo Giusti will be accompanied by Professors Vivian Iommelli and Rachele Leoni.

Valentino Catricalà will coordinate the labs for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.