Didactic Workshop

Tra i progetti iscritti al Global Junior Challenge 2017 concorre Co-m@king LAB, un'officina didattica creativa che sviluppa il pensiero computazionale attraverso attività di laboratorio e programmazione prototipale.


One of the proejcts registered for the Global Junior Challenge 2017 is Co-m@king LAB, a creative didactic workshop that develops rational thinking through lab activities and prototyping.


The project, developed by Prof. Domenico Aprile at IISS Vincenzo Lilla in Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi), has developed a “didactic gym” operating as a knowledge hub to develop digital competences to transform students into prosumers, conscious protagonists of their learning processes.


Students will learn to orient themselves in immersive systems and use ICT resources to become intelligent digital citizens in a smart community.


The project objective is to increase the efficiency of knowledge transmission, bring school closer to the reality of digital natives and use attractive communication tools. These objectives are pursued by allowing the students to develop prototypal tools for problem- and/or inquiry- based learning in collaborative lab environments, driving student creativity and enhancing their problem-solving skills.