Click a Gift This Year


From e-cards to donations for the poorest countries, from purchasing medical equipment to funding research. The “Salute” health supplement of La Repubblica provides an overview of the many available initiatives. The article on Gifts through clicks and non virtual aid closes with the recycling campaign promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale: “Finally, for those of you who receive find a PC under the tree, you can donate your old computer to hospitals or elderly centres on".
Small Fund Award
The Fondazione Mondo Digitale also collects funds via the clicking mechanism to finance projects from the poorer areas of the world selected from the international Global Junior Challenge competition. The projects that are awarded the Small Funds Award, in fact, receive financing for up to 5.000 euro. The aim is to allow the presented project to be developed.
The objective of the site is to stimulate a strong wave of solidarity and resources (i.e., funding, knowledge, experiences, etc.) between the rich and poor areas of the planet, concentrating on educational projects. To date, more than two million clicks have been “collected”.
If rivers bring the Internet to the Village
Out of four editions of the Global Junior Challenge competition, one of the most emblematic cases is that of the Project on Distance Learning based on a boat to share open learning, knowledge, resources and technology, presented by the Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha NGO from Bangladesh. The organisation invented the Mieub, the mobile literacy unit: a vessel that navigates from river to river stopping at isolated villages and providing schooling via PCs and Internet. The project, discovered by the Global Junior Challenge Awards Panel, has continued to receive prestigious awards, including the Sasakawa 2007, a 200.000 dollar grant presented every year by the Environmental Programme of the United Nations.
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