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Organization Name: 
TJN "Annas 2"
Organization Type: 
Self funding

Privacy Law

Consenso al trattamento dei dati personali
Do you authorize the FMD to the treatment of your personal data?: 
I do authorize the FMD to the use of my personal data.

Project Type

Education up to 15 years

Project Description

Description Frase (max. 500 characters): 

Everything started when little cousin broke his RC car and aunt asked do i need any of the parts found in there, i said that whole car could be re-used and then i got the car. I putted in big battery, lights, Arduino, H-bridge, Bluetooth module and some sensors.

Project Summary (max. 2000 characters): 

Car that is switchable between two modes -- autopilot and remote controll.

How long has your project been running?

2017-08-01 00:00:00

Objectives and Innovative Aspects

Wanted to make a car that could be remotely controllable and self-driving. Bluetooth module to controll it remotely and ultrasonic and infra-red sensors to make it self-driving.


Describe the results achieved by your project How do you measure (parameters) these. (max. 2000 characters): 
Car is not hitting the wall if it had registered distance lower than 50 cm with ultrasonic sensor. Car brakes if it has lost connection to phone.
How many users interact with your project monthly and what are the preferred forms of interaction? (max. 500 characters): 

Gave remote app to family and freinds to get feedback.


What is the full duration of your project (from beginning to end)?: 
Less than 1 year
What is the approximate total budget for your project (in Euro)?: 
From 10.001 to 30.000 Euro
What is the source of funding for your project?: 
Is your project economically self sufficient now?: 
Since when?: 
2017-09-01 00:00:00


Has your project been replicated/adapted elsewhere?: 
Where? By whom?: 
Teaching others.
What lessons can others learn from your project? (max. 1500 characters): 
  1. Broken toys can be modified into robots.
  2. You do not need a big budget for building a robot.
  3. You do not need code to make Android application.
Are you available to help others to start or work on similar projects?: 

Background Information

Barriers and Solutions (max. 1000 characters): 
Self made H-bridge did not work. Self made H-bridge was replaced to factory made one.
Future plans and wish list (max. 750 characters): 
Take part in the robotics challenge.
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