Expert for one day

Nome dell'ente che lo ha realizzato /ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTE PRESENTING THE PROJECT: *: 
School No.1 Brasov
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Città/ City: 
Descrizione del progetto/Describe the project : 
In each class, there are few students which are very good at maths and there are many who are struggling. As a maths teacher, I came up with the idea of preparing expert students which will learn the other ones. The main activity of the project is practical and educational because the students learn what it means to be a mathematics teacher experiencing this in a parallel class in the same school or in another school. Initial groups are formed, guided by the teacher in which the students become experts in solving exercises and mathematical problems, and then they will teach their colleagues from the other school a previously studied lesson. Parents are also invited to present their field of activity, the importance, benefits and applicability of mathematics in these areas. Children will learn new things about different professions in a practical way. They will understand that every job is important and beautiful, if you do it with pleasure. The activity aims at improving the student-parent-teacher relationships, as well as improving their mathematics results.
Categoria del progetto/Project category : 
Educazione fino ai 15 anni/Up to 15 years
Link al video di presentazione/Link to the presentation video:
In che modo il progetto usa le tecnologie in modo innovativo/Use of technologies ...: 
Yes, as a result of the project we will have a public Twinspace, collection of presentations, animations, videos, games
Indicare gli elementi di innovazione del progetto:/ What are the technological aspects of the project?: 
The new curricular paradigm requires a reassessment of the role of the mathematics teacher in the classroom and the re-establishment of teacher-student relationships. The teacher becomes the moderator of a debate of ideas in the classroom, motivates and stimulates the students, encourages them to formulate their opinions, becomes a guide for the students to showcase their skills. In this project we will try to find solutions to attract students to the exact sciences by stimulating their critical thinking, cooperation spirit, collaboration between students from the 2 schools, but also from the same school but from parallel classes.
Quali sono gli aspetti tecnologici del progetto?What are the technological aspects of the project?: 
The students learnt to make movies, Power Point presentations, learnt to play Kahoot.
Con quanti utenti interagisce il progetto?/How many users does the project interact with? : 
The involvement of parents in the extracurricular activities of the students will cause changes in the behavior of the students, but also in their behavior, because they will understand the importance of spending an active time with their children. This project will be a wonderful opportunity for children and parents from the 2 schools involved to interact, to get to know each other better and to discover and capitalize on children's talents.
Di quali mezzi o canali si avvale il progetto?/Which media or channels does the project use?:
Il progetto è già stato replicato? /Has the project already been replicated? : 
Yes, in eTwinning projects and in other schools in Brasov that appreciated the idea of the project.
Quali sono le aspettative future?/What are future expectations?: 
At the end of the project we hope for a good change in the behavior of students, parents and teachers. Students will have models to follow in their orientation towards different careers and so we hope to improve the school results in mathematics and science. The teachers will include in the portfolio of the project photographs, impressions, final products resulting from the activities. Exhibitions will be arranged with the products made within the project, as well as with photographs during the activities.
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